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8th Annual Europe PPP Conference

May 23 – 24, 2013, Vienna, Austria


After having struggled with recession and economic crisis for several years, it is becoming increasingly clear that to change economic performance, investment, which would lead to a probable increase in future productive capacity, is crucial. And, as European decision makers have recognized, improved economic performance is a key to eliminating the causes of the crisis.


Yet according to the European Commission, just to meet the goals of Europe's 2020 growth strategy, between 1.5 and 2.0 trillion euro needs to be invested. Due to the crisis, availability of public funds, and thus investment, is severely limited: the opportunity lies in utilizing the private sector together with its resources.


However, there are several barriers which need to be dealt with (on both EU and national levels) in order to maximise the use of public and private investment. Yet, which are they and how must they be overcome? Can PPPs really leverage investment to lead European economies out of the crisis?


In combination with analysis of  stakeholder perception on the role of PPPs in responding to the current challenges, and with developing new instruments to encourage public-private cooperation, these will be the topics upoin which European Policy Center Chief Economist Fabian Zuleeg will ellaborate on at the 8th Annual Europe PPP Conference, taking place in the Austrian capital, Vienna on May 23 – 24, 2013.


The 8th Annual Europe PPP Conference will offer exclusive insight into four major fields where private-public partnerships are utilized: healthcare, transport infrastructure, education, as well as energy and waste management. With 33 confirmed speakers at present, and panelists from both the public and private sectors, from Ireland to Ukraine, and  Germany to Egypt, the conference will offer plenty of space to case studies on best practice as well as topics such as innovative financing of PPPs or experience in utilizing them across various European regions.


Find out how to use existing procurement legislation for PPPs, get insight on project bonds and project bond initiatives, learn how to combine EU Structural and Cohesion funds with PPP. Let us give you the ideal platform for exploring, learning, and meeting your peers and counterparts.




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For further information about the event, cost and registration please contact Will Hoss via will.hoss@flemingeurope.com or call +421 257 272 105.


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