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News From Us
Group Law Firm to Advice POLAT YOL in the Bid to Buy Osmangazi Electricity Distribution Company
Group Law Firm: Qualified Legal Consultant in Privatisation of Harbors
Nomination of Group Law Firm for the 2013 Acquisition International Legal Award.
Group Law Firm Enters in Tender for Consulting Services for the Energy Efficiency in Turkey
Dr. Keşli Vice-Chairman of United Nations International PPP Centre of Excellence: Contribution to Bankability of Projects
Group Law Firm Successfully Acted as the Arbitrator before International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) in a Commercial Arbitration.
Dr. KEŞLİ Among Leading Lawyers in Turkey
Group Law Firm and Its Members are in the Top 500 Law Firms List of the World and is in “the First” Place in the top 3 Law Firms & Lawyers List of Turkey: Privatization, Project Finance, Intellectual Property & Dispute Resolu
Group Law Firm to Advise its Clients for Sukuk Issuance
As. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Keşli has been Elected as the Vice-Chairman of The United Nations (UNECE) PPP Centre of Excellence
7th WIEF ROUNDTABLE: 17 April 2013 - Madinah, Saudi Arabia
Can PPPs get the EU out of Crisis?
Successful Conclusion of One Day Conference Supported by Group Law Firm
Group Law Firm Engages Capacity Building Program of Continental
Group Law Firm: Renewable and Alternative Energy Prac-tice an Example of Distinctive legal Consultancy Services
Group Law Firm Advises Insurance Group on Cross-Border Exclusive Agency Agreement
Group Law Firm Competes on Iraqi Tender
Dr. Keşli has been Elected to Board of Directors (Bureau) of United Nations (UNECE) Team of Specialists on PPP
Tender Announcement for the Privatization of Seyitömer & Kangal TPP of EÜAŞ Electricity Generation Co.Inc.
The 4th Annual Wind Power Turkey.
Dr. Keşli is Delivering a Keynote Speech in Seminar on Public-Private Partnership in the European Union
Dr. Keşli Participated an Event Organized by Dutch Counsel in Istanbul
Turkish Construction Sector’s Consultation Seminar
3rd PPPs in Emerging Markets Summit 2012
Group Law Firm Advises on a Unique Solar Power Plant Project
Group Law Firm Provides Legal Consultancy on a Mega Wind Power Plant Project
Group Law Firm Builds Up Islamic Finance Practice
Group Law Firm’s Distinctive Consultancy Services on a Distinctive small Hydro Electric Power Plant Project
A Mining Company Seeks Interest from Potential Investor for Large Scale CO2 Project
Group Law Firm Advises Pierre Cardin A.Ş on the disposal of its Distribution Business
Group Law Firm Is The Keynote Speaker Of Private Equity International Turkey Forum 2012
Group Law Firm Represents Kilim Mobilya in its Shares Acquisition
Group Law Firm Advised Client Against Investigation Concerning Ten Undertakings Operating as Bosch dealers in the Kayseri City center by Competition Authority.
Group Law Firm Advises on Wind Power Plant Project
Competition Board Held Investigation Not Necessary Against KTSD/ SDSD(Turkish Detergent Industry).
Group Law Firm Embodied an Innovative Model for High Quality Housing Facility
Group Law Firm: Two Ledmark Cases to Open a New Dimention in Turkish Intellectual Property Law
Group Law Firm Accomplishes another Landmark in Privatization Sector in Turkey
Euro Med PPP & Project Finance: Mobilising Attractive Infrastructure Investments Through PPP Reform and Project Finance Solutions
Infrastructure Project Preparation, Structuring and Financing; A Workshop for Development Finance Institutions and Regional Development Agencies
Av. As.Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ke�li has been Named an Editor of the Prestigious Journal Framework on Financial Perspective for Efficient Development
Group Law Firm to Enter the Tender of Gaziantep Public Transport Improvement Programme
Group Law Firm has Won the Bursa Wastewater Project II
7th Annual PPP in CEE/SEE Summit Brings PPP Message
British Consulate General Ms. Jessica Hand is Visiting Fatih University on 20 February 2012 to Strengthen the Mutual Cooperation in Project Finance and PPPs
Dr.Ahmet Keşli Has Published The Book Legal Framework of PPP Projects
Group Law Participates Event Coorganized by Canada Counsel and International PPP Platform Turkey
Group Law Firm Is The Keynote Speaker Of Private Equity International Turkey Forum 2012
Group Law Firm Is The Keynote Speaker Of Private Equity International Turkey Forum 2012

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