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Practice Areas
Commercial Contracts

   Group Law Firm executes preparing commercial contracts as a “protective advisory” area on resolving the disputes. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience in drawing up commercial contracts in both domestic and international commerce and reflecting their deep legal knowledge to the contracts while determining and solving the exact points of problems.

   We help our clients negotiate contracts and represent them before their clients offering a constant consultancy. We also safeguard their interests by helping them select the optimum contractual solutions. Also we regard the “risk free” basis by foresee and prevent to occur the probable risks in our clients’ contracts and joint-contracts. Our experience covers drawing up agreements for Turkish and international entities, including international trade contracts. When drawing up draft contracts and participating in negotiations, we focus on identifying and securing all the various types of potential risks related to the areas regulated in the contract. We also identify any tax exposure arising from the contractual solutions proposed.

   Our lawyers range of services vary from purchase and sales contracts, employment agreements, peace treaties to project-financing, developing strategic alliances, statute of associations, articles of associations, etc. which are the main issues of a corporation while executing their ordinary commercial activities.

   Group Law Firm’s well-earned success on contracts derives from our capability and talent of combining our deep academic experience with practice and the realities of business life. Our contracts department constitutes the “spine” of Office because of the importance and success of our “Group Law Branded” contracts.

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