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Practice Areas
Real Estate

    The Law Firm’s real estate team advises firms on the trade, administration and management of real estate. The team helps to draw up analyses of the legal status of real estate (also covering the risk of claims being brought by third parties, etc.), devises real estate transaction concepts, represents clients in negotiations and draws up agreements and documents required for transaction performance.

    Our lawyers help to draw up, organize and carry out development projects (legal framework and obtaining project financing, investment and construction process, sale of the facilities constructed and negotiations with lessees). The Law Firm runs administrative proceedings, including those to obtain permits for foreigners to acquire real estate or shares/stocks in companies owning or holding perpetual usufruct rights to real estate.

    The Law Firm’s experts can be of help in cases where security is established on real estate and transactions involving giving real estate over for use (in the form of rent, lease or use agreements, etc.).

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