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Practice Areas
Telecommunications & IT

    One of the Law Firm’s teams specializes in legal issues relating to regulating telecommunications and IT activity. Group Law Firm's Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice captures the convergence of legal and technology issues affecting clients providing communications, publishing and e-commerce services to industry and consumers.

    Our experts provide advisory on legal aspects of various IT related issues, including drawing up and negotiating contracts for implementing computer systems, drawing up license agreements and computer program update agreements, negotiating also various agreements typical for the information technology sector such as co-operation agreements and external IT service agreements (outsourcing IT).

    We deal with legal issues concerning patents, trademarks, copyrights, media, computer services; we also handle telecommunications and IT related litigation. Our Practice focuses on the regulation, protection, and disposition of rights to technology, information, spectrum, and intellectual property in international trade. Consistent with its focus on these cutting edge issues, we participate in a broad range of legislation, litigation, and corporate transactions that reflect the rapidly changing nature of communications, publishing and commerce in today's society.

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